Mind, Brain and Behaviour (MBB) Research Cluster

The Mind, Brain and Behaviour (MBB) Cluster brings together members of the College interested in exploring questions concerning the nature of the mind and brain, and the factors that guide or shape behaviour.

About the MBB Cluster

The MBB Cluster draws upon the rich variety of Medical Sciences research backgrounds found in the College, including neuroscience, neurology, psychology, ethology, zoology, pharmacology, and psychiatry. Since research areas are so broad, the main goal is to take ideas and concepts that are very familiar to some experts, and discuss them with members of the Cluster that have different research backgrounds, leading to greater understanding and novel insights.


The main activity comprises ‘mutual tutorials’. These typically involve 2 experts from different research backgrounds informally explaining their research to each other in an accessible manner, in front of other members of the Cluster. Highlighting areas of ignorance is particularly encouraged. This is followed by a general discussion then lunch or dinner in Hall.

Join our mailing list (below) to be informed about future events. We will also be inviting external speakers and holding workshops.


We are fortunate to be able to select a wide range of topics for discussion. Please contact us if you have any suggestions.

Topics include: spatial navigation, dementia, epilepsy, neuropathic pain, consciousness, the gut-brain axis, sleep, sensory processing, drug dependence, neurodegeneration, plasticity, oscillations, social behaviour, decision making, brain development, mental health.

How do I join?

To join the MBB Cluster, email mbbcluster-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk.

For any other queries, please contact the current head of the Cluster, Dr Tim Viney (tim.viney@wolfson.ox.ac.uk) with the subject line “MBB Cluster”.