Jacob Dahl

Professor in Assyriology
Faculty of Oriental Studies

College position:

Professor Jacob Dahl is a specialist of the pre-Classical cultures and languages of the Near East. He has written on early Babylonian socio-economic history, early Near Eastern writing systems, and Sumerian literature. He works on the decipherment of proto-Elamite, the last undeciphered writing system from the ancient Near East with a substantial number of sources (more than 1600 tablets divided between the Louvre Museum and the National Museum of Iran). 

As a co-PI of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative Dahl seeks to document and safeguard Mesopotamia’s contribution to our shared world history by making the ancient records available freely online. At Wolfson College he directs the Ancient World Cluster, aimed at bringing together resources for the study of the Ancient World to the benefit of both members of the college and beyond.