IT Support

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The IT Team ensure the smooth running of the College networks, servers, desktops and printing facilities. 

For IT support please email

connecting to the internet

For guidance on connecting to university wide WiFi, e.g. Eduroam, OWL – click here.

Wolf-Fi is only available in college. For access keys, please email IT support.

Most modern computers come with a network adapter already installed. If you are not sure you have one, or need help identifying it, please contact IT Support. Once you have a computer with a network adapter, you will need to register the adapter with the college via email.

Your registration is complete, you can simply plug your machine into any ethernet socket in public areas of the college, or residential rooms.


  1. Log into any Library PC with your Oxford SSO account.
  2.  Load your document.
  3. Print as normal, selecting Library and Lodge queue printer.
  4. Release the job at the printer.
  1. Tap your University Card at the marked place on the copier, the system will log into your print account.
  2. Insert your USB storage into the USB port on the left hand side of the copier’s screen.
  3. Select Device Functions then Use Device Functions then Print/Scan (Memory Storage Device)
  4. Select Print from Storage Device then select USB
  5. If the file to be printed is in a folder, select the folder and press Open.
  6. Tick the box next to the file to be printed and press Print.
  7. Select the number of copies and choose print settings.
  8.  Press the Start button printing of the selected file begins.
  9. Select the Remove Memory button at the bottom of the screen, towards the left, and when prompted, unplug your USB device.

Web Print can be done from any computer.

  1. Save your file (or ideally, export to PDF, see above)
  2. . Visit and log on with your Oxford SSO account
  3. Select Web Print from the menu.
  4.  Select Submit a Job.
  5.  Select a printer for the type of print job you wish to send. Remember that Monochrome (black and white/greyscale) and double sided printing will save you money. The current charges for printing can be seen by selecting Rates from the menu. Select Print Options and Account Selection to continue.
  6.  Confirm how many copies you wish to print, then select Upload Documents.
  7.  Select Upload from Computer, find the file you wish to print, then select Upload & Complete to continue.
  8. Monitor the resulting page once your job’s status is Held in a queue, you can proceed to release the job at your chosen printer.

1. Tap your University Card at the marked place on the copier, the system will log into your print account and show you how many print jobs are waiting.

2. Either select Print all to release all your pending jobs without further checking, or select Print release to list your jobs and check costs before releasing.

3. Tap any job to see its details, then if you are satisfied with the cost, select Print to release the job to the printer.

Paper size Monochrome 1 side Monochrome 2 side Colour 1 side Colour 2 side
A4 4p 7p 16p 28p
A3 8p 14p 32p 56p

IT safety and security

Up-to-date software must be installed before connecting to the network.  The University offers Sophos Anti-Virus free for all members at Login using your SSO user id and download.

This offers additional protection against spyware, e.g. trackers.  Recommended free-to-use version: MalwareBytes. 

University wide rules and regulations can be found here.