Financial support for students

Please note that the College will not be accepting or processing any travel grants from late July through to the end of August 2017. If you wish to submit an application for travel taking place in August or early September, please ensure the application is submitted by Tuesday 25 July, 2017. 

You must be a current student in order to apply for the following bursaries, travel awards and hardship grants. 

College Fee Bursaries

College fee bursaries are principally awarded on the basis of hardship. In deciding between candidates with equal needs, the College will give regard to academic merit and whether bursaries have been awarded previously. All current Wolfson students who in 2017-18 will be entering their second year or beyond of their current course, and self-funding their fees can apply. Applications for 2017 have now closed

College Hardship Fund

The College Hardship Fund is a discretionary fund intended to provide short-term financial support for students experiencing unforeseeable financial difficulties. To be awarded a loan or grant students must be enrolled and be in good academic standing. Doctoral students who have submitted their thesis are not eligible for a hardship grant, although applications for a loan may be considered. All applications are considered on a case by case basis. Exceptionally, a further award may be made, but the fund is not able to provide long-term recurrent support for students. Applications for hardship funds are considered by the Senior Tutor and Bursar. There is an appeals panel headed by the Vicegerent and including two other fellows. Further information about the procedure is available on the application form.

To apply, please complete a College Hardship Application Form and return it to the Academic Office. There are also University Hardship Funds to which you may be eligible to apply, with information available on the University website at: contact the Senior Tutor for more information.  

George Peters Bursary

A bursary of £500, in the name of Professor George Peters, who was a Fellow of the College (1980-2001) and Vicegerent (1991-93), is made annually each year. It is open to students from developing countries currently at Wolfson College and is awarded on the grounds of financial hardship. Applications for 2017 have now closed

Travel, Conference and Fieldwork Grants for Current Students

The College awards travel grants to the value of about £40,000 annually. Some of the named travel awards are open to students who are not members of Wolfson. 

The University also offers some support for travel and research abroad. Details can be found on the International Opportunities page under the Fees and Funding section of the Oxford website.

Travel Grants

Please note that the College will not be accepting or processing any travel grants from late July through to the end of August 2017. 

Named Travel Awards

These awards will be advertised by the College in Trinity Term with the exception of the Godfrey Leinhardt awards for which applicants should apply to the Institute of Social Anthropology by February.

The Steward’s Award

The Steward’s Award is a travel bursary offered annually to a member of Wolfson College studying for a graduate degree in Environmental Science or Earth Sciences. The award of £750 is intended to enable the recipient to travel overseas for academic purposes related to their course (e.g. fieldwork, attending a conference, or collaborating with another institution etc.).  If required, the successful candidate may also apply for a College Conference or Fieldwork Grant to supplement the award. Applications for 2017 have now closed

Godfrey Leinhardt Travel Award

The College offers up to four grants annually each valued up to £1,000 (also open to non-Wolfson students) to support fieldwork in Sub-Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa.  Applications should be made to the Institute of Social Anthropology by February.

Tim & Kathy Clayden Travel Award

The Tim & Kathy Clayden award for Ancient Near Eastern Studies is open to all postgraduate students studying the Ancient Near East and enrolled for the degree of MSt, MPhil or DPhil in the University of Oxford. For the purposes of the award, the Ancient Near East is defined as ancient Mesopotania (excluding Syria, south-eastern Turkey, south-western Iran and the Gulf countries) before the Parthian Period. The award is for £600. Details will be circulated at the relevant time. 

Language Courses

The College can provide some financial assistance towards the cost of a language course if you need to take it in order to carry out your Oxford programme and studies. If you wish to apply for a reimbursement, please ensure you confirm your eligibility with the Academic Office before the course begins. Grants are capped at £150 per student.

Once you have completed the course please forward to the Academic Office a receipt showing payment for the course and your certificate of completion. If a certificate will not be available (such as for the University Language Centre LASR courses), please contact the Academic Office for more specific advice.  

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