Earth Emergency Cluster

The Earth Emergency Cluster (EEC) was established in MT 2019 with an aim to create and integrate inter- and trans-disciplinary discussion on – and a range of activities about – the ecological crisis and climate change, which are increasingly apparent and urgent.

The cluster aims to find ways in which Wolfson as a college can contribute to global discussions and debates on the ecological crisis from a wide range of disciplinary standpoints and help to construct the knowledge base and epistemological transformations needed for the 21st century. It also looks into ways that Wolfson as a community can practically do to reduce its own ecological damage – in particular as a first priority to ascertain the sources of its carbon footprint and to develop and adopt /collectively own / a pathway to achieve net zero CO2 emissions.

EEC also collaborate closely with the Green Team on practical issues that Wolfson can do to address its own environmental footprint.

EEC encourages collaboration with the Fellows, and students, and all college members who work on various aspect of the environment, for lectures, seminars, brain storming workshops and in general to spread knowledge, encourage debates and outreach, and or just focus on what Wolfson college might practically do in response to the climate catastrophe.

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