Common Rooms and Community Hubs

playing chess in the common room
photo (c) John Cairns

The Upper Common Room (UCR) is located above the dining hall. Self-service tea and coffee are available throughout the day.

This is a great space to meet friends, chill out or play a game of chess.

The Lower Common Room (LCR) is generally a quieter area. This is where the magazines and periodicals are kept.

The Common Room provides daily papers, both British and foreign, and some periodicals and journals free of charge which must not be removed from the Common Room. The selection of newspapers is periodically revised; please contact the Common Room Administrator or the Chair of the Social and Cultural Committee if you wish to suggest a new subscription.

One of the hubs of Wolfson’s community, the Bar is operated by trained volunteers on a rota system. If you would like to get involved, please contact the BarCo Chair.

The Cellar Bar is open to members of College and Common Room only, and any guests must be signed in. Payment can be made by University card (Battels) or debit card.

Opening Hours

  • Sunday-Thursday: 20.00-23.30
  • Friday-Saturday: 21.00-02.00*
  • Bops: 21.00-01.30

*No music after 01.00