Common Rooms

Unlike most Oxford and Cambridge colleges, Wolfson has a single common room organisation where all fellows, graduate students, members of Common Room and staff are welcome, along with their guests. 

Wolfson has three common rooms which are open to all members of College.

The Upper Common Room (UCR) above the Dining Hall contains a bar (see ‘Dining hall and meals: Drinks’) where tea, coffee and drinks are served after lunch and dinner, as well as mid-morning coffee/tea. Self-service tea and coffee facilities are also available in the UCR throughout the day and newspapers are kept here.

The Lower Common Room (LCR) is generally a quieter area. This is where the magazines and periodicals are kept.

There is an East Common Room (ECR) (just before the marble steps leading to the Hall) which has a television with DVD player and Sky satellite TV service and board games.

Accompanied children (under eight-years old) may use the Upper Common Room after Saturday lunch and during the AMREF Sunday coffee shops. Use of mobile phones, in the Upper and Lower Common Rooms is prohibited.

Newspapers and Periodicals 

The Common Room provides daily papers, both British and foreign, and some periodicals and journals free of charge which must not be removed from the Common Room. The selection of newspapers is periodically revised; please contact the Common Room Administrator or the Chair of the Social and Cultural Committee if you wish to suggest a new subscription.

For your personal use, papers can be delivered to houses and to pigeonholes for main building residents in college by the following shop: Leisure and Pleasure, 9 North Parade, telephone +44 (0)1865 553190. Please make sure you cancel your papers and pay your bill if temporarily away from college and before you finally leave.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are served in the Upper Common Room from 10.30 am–11.30 am, 12.15 pm–2.15 pm and 6.00 pm–8.15 pm. A drinks machine is available at other times.