Chiara Marletto

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Materials Department

College position:

Dr Chiara Marletto is a quantum physicist working at the University of Oxford. Having previously dabbled in Italian Literature, Engineering Science, and Quantum Computation, she is currently focusing on developing Constructor Theory a recently proposed new fundamental theory of physics - applying it to address problems at the foundations of physics. 

Constructor Theory's new mode of explanation, originally proposed by David Deutsch, is very effective at formulating exact laws about entities that have traditionally been regarded as highly emergent and derivative. David and Chiara have recently applied it to formulate a theory of information which can be expressed consistently within Physics and to explain how quantum information and classical information are related to one another, in exact terms. She has also applied Constructor Theory to reconcile probability with deterministic dynamical laws, with bearing on the vexed problem of reconciling the Born Rule with unitary quantum theory; and to express explicitly the theory of evolution in physical terms of physics explaining what constraints that theory puts on the laws of physics