Bettina Lange

University Lecturer in Law and Regulation

College position:

Dr Bettina Lange trained in law and sociology at Warwick University, and previously studied law for two years at the Justus-Liebig Universität, Giessen, Germany. Her research examines legal regulation from a socio-legal perspective.

Currently Lange is working on a project on the invocation of emotion discourses in the legal regulation of genetically modified organisms in UK agriculture. This project investigates the role that emotions play in the administrative legal decision-making procedure about the release of GMOs into the environment under UK and EU law.

Lange also works, together with Prof. Nafsika Alexiadou (UmeÃ¥ University, Sweden), on a research project that examines how the EU seeks to enhance its governance capacity in relation to education policies in the EU through soft regulatory tools, such as policy learning.