18. The Bishop’s Garden

Photo: Isobel Holling

In 2015 the College reclaimed 29 Linton Road, which had been let to the Church Commissioners for some time as the residence of the Bishop of Oxford; the College had acquired the freehold along with many others along Linton Road shortly after its foundation, and bought out the remainder of the lease. The house had an extremely large garden which the wife of the last Bishop to live there had tended lovingly.

Photo: Isobel Holling

The garden, which is Edwardian in style, has clearly been professionally designed and laid out. It has an enchanting form with beds and pathways that lead you on to explore all of its treasures. It still contains some good plants. It is a tranquil space and it is possible to escape from the cares of every day of life to become immersed in its charms.

It was rationalised as sympathetically as possible retaining the most important features and plants while providing suitable spaces for collegiate use. It is much enjoyed by College members.

Tim Hitchens and Walter Sawyer