You are about to view a sample hypertext edition of Leonardo's Treatise on Painting. Please read the description of the project below.

In preparing this demonstration project for a group of scholars planning to prepare a new edition and commentary of Vatican Codex Urbinas 1240, I have tried to duplicate the resources that a scholar would consult in working on a text. Thus, for each text, it is possible to view and compare

Because related information can be readily accessed with the click of a mouse, relevant information can be presented without repetition from one essay to the next; and one can design the program to provide the contextual information for beginning students as well as the resources desired by advanced scholars.

These sample web pages were designed as an experiment in editing Leonardo's treatise. It is a work in progress, requiring many additional links and more elaborate formatting. Search capabilities are desirable but not yet incorporated. I also considered employing frames that allow one to view multiple windows and eliminated the need for buttons. For the present, however, the best way to work with this text is to open multiple windows with your internet browser so that several files can be viewed and compared simultaneously. Here is what your screen could look like:



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