Riga 2011

This site has been set up in a spirit of great scepticism in response to repeated enquiries about the absence from the Isaiah Berlin Virtual Library of information about the mystery figure who set it up. Read further at your peril ...

Delivering a talk on IB and Riga on 6 June 2011, in Riga

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Maurice Bowra’s famous ribald satires on his contemporaries, published in 2005, are nearly sold out ...

Maurice Bowra

Edited by Henry Hardy and Jennifer Holmes
With an Introduction by Julian Mitchell

I shall not need chastity in heaven,
For I shall be with Oliver Thynne,
And alternando we shall go
In and out and out and in.

‘brilliant and bawdy ... an extraordinary production’
A. L. Rowse

‘unsurpassable in the vigour, candour and fantasy with which it describes sexual activity’
Noel Annan

Stocked at Blackwell’s in Oxford, at Heywood Hill and John Sandoe in London

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