The History of the Kings of England
[A likely tale......]

.... Gurguit Barbtruc, the son of Belinus, succeeded him. He was a modest man and a wise, one......

..... when Gurguit Barbtruc was returning home via the Orkney Islands after his victory, he came upon thirty ships full of men and women. Gurguit asked what they were doing there. Their leader, whose name was Partholoim, went up to Gurguit, did obeisance to him and asked for his pardon and peace.

Partholoim then described how he had been expelled from certain regions in Spain and how he was now cruising in those waters in search of a land where he might settle. He then asked Gurguit for some small region in Britain which he might occupy, so that he no longer need continue this hateful wandering over the sea. A year and a half had passed since he had been expelled from his homeland and had set sail across the ocean with his comrades.

When Gurguit Barbtruc learned that these men came from Spain and were called Basclenses, and when he understood just what they wanted of him, he ordered his representatives to go with them to the island of Ireland, which at that time was a completely uninhabited desert. He granted the island to them. They have increased and multiplied there and they still hold the island today.

Geoffrey of Monmouth. The History of the Kings of Britain (circa 1136).
Translated by Lewis Thorpe. The Folio Society, London. 1969. p.81.

Pettigrew, Stanley. "Rain Clouds over Connemera" - Oil Painting on Canvas

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