Telephone Service

General information

Wolfson provides telephones which are connected to the Oxford University Telephone Network in all College accommodation. OUTN is one of the largest private telephone networks in UK. There is an obligatory line charge factored into the accommodation rent for providing this service.

  • Occupants will be able to dial anywhere within the University free of charge.
  • 999 emergency service dialling is provided, as is 0800 (free) telephone number dialling.
  • Direct Dialled Incoming calls are free to the occupant and unrestricted.


If you are experiencing difficulties with the telephone service at Wolfson:

  • first check that your telephone instrument is not faulty by plugging in a spare instrument.
  • either try a neighbour's or ask to borrow one from the Accommodation Office.
  • if this indicates that the fault lies elsewhere in the system, call the Central Faults Desk, Ext 88888 during office hours.
  • do not report faults in the Maintenance Book.
  • also refer to the green telephone information sheet issued with your accommodation key.

Call rates

The University negotiates special rates with its service providers. As one of the largest private telephone networks in UK, it has considerable purchasing power, and its charges are usually cheaper than most other providers. These charges vary from time to time, depending on the negotiations and on the different service providers used by the University. Unfortunately the network does not publish a full and regularly updated list of tarriff rates for individual countries. The College passes on the charges levied by the University Telecoms service without gearing them. Wolfson offices are also connected to the same network, and pay the same rates. Office telephones are set with different levels of dialling privileges. Telephones in public areas are set with dialling privileges for University, emergency and 0800 numbers only.

Local, National & Mobile call rates

International call rates


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