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Marios Christodoulou

My background is in general relativity, (loop) quantum gravity, and applications of the latter in black (and white) holes and the information paradox, subjects that where the focus of my PhD studies. My current work explores the interface between Quantum Gravity and Quantum Information. I am the scientific coordinator of the interdisciplinary multi-site project `The Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime' (qiss.fr).

Post-doctoral researcher
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Department of Physics

Christian Schilling

Christian has graduated in 2014 with a PhD in Theoretical Physics at ETH Zurich. Since March 2014, he is working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Clarendon Laboratory supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Oxford Martin School and the EPSRC.

Christian's research concerns the interface of quantum information theory, quantum many-body physics and quantum chemistry. In particular, he explores the physical relevance of a recently discovered generalisation of Pauli's famous exclusion principle.

EPSRC postdoctoral researcher
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Clarendon Laboratory