How to/How can I find information on...?

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, and information needed for your studies. 

How do I have a Graduate Studies Office (GSO) form signed?

GSO forms should be submitted to the Academic Registrar, either in hardcopy or via email. They must first be signed by the student and supervisor before they come to the college and please ensure you leave at least two days for the form to be processed. The college cannot sign the form if your fees have not been paid.

Once processed, the default is to pidge the form to you, however we will be happy to forward it to the next destination (usually the Department). Simply include a note requesting this. 

How do I request a new University Card?

Contact the Academic Registrar if your card is damaged or has expired.

For lost cards, you will need to pay a replacement fee to the University Card Office. The Card Office will then forward a new card to the College and you will be contacted when it has arrived. 

How do I print an enrolment certificate (for bank accounts, visas, council tax exemptions etc)?

Login to the Student Self Service section of the University database and download the certificate. You can then email or bring the certificate to the Academic Office to be signed and stamped (if required). Feel free to bring up to 3 copies at a time. 

How do I find support if I have a disability?
How do I apply for college travel/language course support?

See the college financial support pages

How do I request a transcript?
How do I find out what my fees are?
How do I get Careers advice?
Where can I find advice for Examinations (taught courses)?
  • Guidance on sitting your exams
  • Contact the Academic Registrar if you would like to apply for an extension for submitted work (eg, essay, thesis) on a taught course
  • Request Special Arrangements (eg. due to a disability). If you are registered with the Disability Advisory Service, they can advise on applications for alternative exam arrangements if appropriate for your situation. For any other queries, contact the Academic Registrar
  • Visit the University exam guidance webpage if there are factors that may affect your performance in an exam. If you would like University examiners to be aware of any factors that may have affected your performance before or during an examination, please contact the Academic Registrar.
Academic Dress

See the University pages on academic dress.

Academic dress must be worn for Matriculation, Examinations and Graduation.

For DPhil vivas, students will usually wear the advanced student gown. For vivas only, these gowns may be hired from the Academic Office.

Where are the exam regulations?

On the University exam regulations webpage.

How do I get College membership for a partner?
I have questions about Graduation