Scholarships and other Financial Awards

Wolfson is committed to enhancing the academic provision for its graduate students. The College has substantially increased financial support for students over recent years and expects by 2015/16 to award nearly £300,000 annually in scholarships that provide part or full-funding for fees and/or maintenance costs. Applicants for courses leading to a doctorate are eligible for these awards. 

Most of our scholarships are awarded in partnership with the University’s Clarendon Awards Scheme, the Oxford Graduate Matched Funding Scheme, or the University’s Divisional “Research Council UK awards”. The RCUK awards are currently partnered with the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences Divisions. The named College Scholarships (Isaiah Berlin, Guy Newton & Simon Harrison) are now awarded in partnership with the Clarendon Scheme and Divisional RC UK awards.

Scholarships available for the academic year beginning 2014/15

For the academic year 2014/15, we expect to support 34 partial or full scholarships, including at least 17 partnered scholarships for entry to new graduate courses.

Oxford Wolfson Marriott Graduate Scholarships

This will be the first year that we will offer the Oxford Wolfson Marriott Graduate Scholarships, which have been made possible by a philanthropic legacy from the late Dr Francis Marriott and from a donation from the University’s Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund. The scholarships cover the cost of a full home/EU award, including the University Composition Fee, the College Fee and maintenance costs at the RC UK stipend rate. The awards will be made in partnership with a number of departments, faculties and centres for doctoral training that may, exceptionally, enhance an award to bring it up to the overseas fee level.

When awarding these Scholarships, preference will be given to applicants who have listed Wolfson as their first-choice College when two (or more) candidates are of equal academic merit.  

The 8 awards for 2014/15 will be in:

Other Scholarships
Wolfson Isaiah Berlin Clarendon Award - Social Sciences
Oxford Wolfson Louis Littman-Geza Vermes Graduate Scholarship in Jewish-Christian Relations in Antiquity

Further Information

The Oxford Centre for Life-Writing at Wolfson AHRC Scholarship
Wolfson Harrison UK Research Council Physics Scholarship

Further Information

Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences (MPLS) Division Centres for Doctoral Training
Charlie Perkins Scholarship for Indigenous Australians
The Norman Hargreaves-Mawdsley Scholarship in Spanish or Latin American Studies

Further Information

How to apply
  • There is no separate College application procedure for any of the scholarships listed above.
  • Applicants, whether internal or external, should apply to the University under the standard procedures for graduate degrees (
  • All applicants for graduate awards will be considered for Clarendon awards.
  • Students applying for RCUK graduate funding may also be considered for a Wolfson partnered RCUK award. Preference will be given to applicants who have listed Wolfson as their first-choice College when two (or more) candidates are of equal academic merit.
  • As there are specific eligibility requirements for RCUK awards, information should be sought from the department, faculty or the centre for doctoral training.
Travel, Conference and Fieldwork Grants for Current Students

The College awards travel grants to the value of about £40,000 annually. Some of the named travel awards are open to students who are not members of Wolfson.

College Conference and Fieldwork Grants
Named Travel Awards

College Fee Bursaries

College fee bursaries are principally awarded on the basis of hardship. In deciding between candidates with equal needs, the College will have regard to academic merit. All current self-funded Wolfson students reading for doctoral or MPhil degrees can apply. The equivalent to 10 annual College Fee Bursaries each of £2,792 will be awarded in 2014/15, but these may be distributed in amounts equal to one to three terms of the College Fee.

College Hardship Fund

The College Hardship Fund is a discretionary fund intended to provide short-term financial support for students experiencing unforeseeable financial difficulties. To be awarded a loan or grant students must be enrolled and be in good academic standing. Doctoral students who have submitted their thesis are not eligible for a hardship grant, although applications for a loan may be considered. All applications are considered on a case by case basis. Exceptionally, a further award may be made, but the fund is not able to provide long-term recurrent support for students.