Safe use of the library

To ensure the safety of our members, please read our specific measures detailed below. The Library is open to Students, Fellows and Staff. The College is currently closed to Members of Common Room and guests until further notice.

Library services

  • Students who are leaving can return their Wolfson books to the Library via the trolley at the Lodge. 
  • Students who are returning should renew their books and do not need return them until October. 
  • The Library reopens to members of College from 2pm on Monday 10 August (see below). Members of Common Room should not attempt to return their books to the College at this stage.
  • When using the Request and Fetch form to request books, please ensure you include the shelf mark.
  • Carrel users should fill in this Request and Fetch form for books they wish to use in their carrels  and return them to the designated reshelving point when they have finished with them.

Library opening times
The Library will be open to members of College from 2pm on 10 August, and then each day between 8.30am and 5.30am. It will be closed between 5.30am and 8.30am each morning to allow for cleaning of library spaces. 

The Library will be closed on Monday monrings between 8.00am and 1.30pm to permit library staff to safely carry out essential library duties. 

Please note that the periods when the library is closed also apply to the carrels and access will not be permitted during those times, so please plan accordingly.

The Library remains closed to members of Common Room for the time being.

Entrances and Exits
Entrance to the Library is at Level One using the main Library entrance. Exit is through the door to the Marble Hall at the far end of the Library.

Hand sanitising
All readers are asked to ensure that hands are washed and/or sanitised before, after and regularly during their visit to the Library.

Social distancing
Readers are asked to ensure that a 2m distance is always maintained whilst using the Library. Readers should follow the one-way system where indicated. Readers are only permitted to use the desks, workstations and chairs indicated. Please be considerate of others using the library. 

Face coverings
Readers must always wear face coverings whilst in the Library, unless disability exemption applies. The government has produced a free face covering `exemption card` which users may wish to download here.

Carrel users are asked to open the windows and have the door ajar whilst working a carrel to maximise ventilation and air flow.

Users are asked to clean down the surfaces of the desk and/or workstation or printer which they have used using the sanitizers provided.

Readers must not remove books from the shelves All books will be made available to readers via the Request and Fetch system, and will be fetched within three days. If you require regular and/or repeated access to dictionaries, encyclopaedias and other reference works, please discuss your needs with the Librarian. Book(s) should be returned to the trolley in the Lodge. They should be placed in the envelopes provided and clearly dated. Your SOLO account will be updated once staff shelve your book(s).

Personal items
Readers should only bring items they need for their immediate study to the Library. In order to maximise availability of space for users, readers must not leave possessions in the Library when they leave, including during lunchtime and overnight. Books and papers should not be left on desks.

Printers are available in the Library Breakout Space and the Library. Readers should maintain the social distance indicated. Readers should use the sanitizers provided to wipe down surfaces after use. Readers should use the remote printing option.

Computer workstations
Computer workstations are available to readers in the Library. Due to reduced availability, Readers are asked to use their own laptops in the Library whenever possible.

Casual Carrels
Casual Carrels are currently allocated to individuals and must not be used by others. We hope to make them more widely available again from 1 October 2020. Further information will follow in due course.