Our research focuses on selected issues of online platforms and governance. It has a distinct multidisciplinary approach, a policy orientation, and a special interest in an international perspective.

Online Platforms

Platform companies, such as US-based Alphabet-Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and China’s Tencent and Alibaba, have arisen as the digital infrastructure of our time, restructuring our economies and societies and transforming our ways of living.

Online platforms are expected to lead to a more connected world, enabling users to bypass established institutions, cumbersome regulations, all at less expense, resulting in a stronger, more vibrant, and more inclusive society.

Our research into platforms will primarily focus on the following areas:

  • Platforms and news transformation
  • Platforms and online speech
  • Platforms and media policy
  • Platform economy & platform society


The programme researches how governance is evolving in a platform era and in a changing world order. Platforms are now sitting between traditional nation states and individuals, using algorithms to govern their communities that consist of millions or even billions of users.

The changing world order, notably the rise of China and the withdrawal of the United States from internationalism, has also posed new challenges to the old governance models. Our research on governance focuses on the following key areas:

  • Internet governance
  • Global governance
  • Models of governance
  • Governance and constitutions


The latest from Wolfson College

Elephant nose fish
12 December 2019
Secret of Skins

Sarah Skeels, Wolfson student, appears in the new BBC Four natural history documentary, called Secret of Skins

25 November 2019
Wolfson alumnus Michael Rands appointed Master of Darwin College

Congratulations to Dr Michael Rands, Wolfson alumnus, who has been appointed Master of Darwin College. 

Romulus Logo
22 November 2019
Romulus reveals this year's theme

The editorial team revealed the theme with a launch party that had live music, scientific talks, poetry and a juggling performance. 

Our upcoming events

Lectures and Seminars
19 - 19
Dec Dec
Accessing and Analysing Culturally Sensitive Content: Data Capsules, Extracted F...
Thursday 19 December - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

The long-term goal of the Ātea Project — which is part of New Zealand’s National Science Challenges — is to help build prosperous, culturally thriving and technology-driven Māori economies for future generations.

Art Exhibition
07 - 25
Jan Mar
Haiku poetry composed by the President, with illustrations
Tuesday 7 January - 9:00am to Wednesday 25 March - 4:00pm

This exhibition is located in the corridor between the Buttery and the Cafe. 

16 - 18
Jan Jan
From Concept to Monument: Time and Cost of Construction in the Ancient World
Thursday 16 January - 1:00pm to Saturday 18 January - 6:30pm

The conference sets an exclusive focus on modelling the costs of construction over the course of 1,500 years, from Archaic Greece to the early middle ages. Over the last decade, the general interest in building costs and organisational aspects of historical construction has seen a rise in popularity amongst scholars working on pre-modern architecture.