Wolfson College Electrical Regulations

Notice to residents and visitors to the College:


  1. Under the Electricity at Work Regulations Act, 1989, there is an obligation on the College to control all electrical appliances connected to its electrical system.  These regulations apply to all College residential and office accommodation.
  2.  The electricity supply is 230v Nominal +10% - 6%, 50Hz.
  3.  Anyone bringing personal electrical appliances into College must register them by completing the registration form supplied in accommodation or office units, or obtainable from the Housekeeping office.
  4. Appliances used in the UK must carry the appropriate British Standard number, Kite mark, and/or CE European mark.
  5. The plug must be the safety sleeve type and carry BS number 1363. Plugs must be fitted with a 13-amp fuse, maximum. Low power appliances below 750 watts (ie radios, lamps, stereos, etc) should be fitted with a 3-amp fuse.Manufacturers instructions regarding fuse size should be adhered to where appropriate. Outer sheaths of cables must be kept in good condition and not worn, perished, split, stretched or twisted.Cables must be securely fixed into plugs and appliances.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to interfere with electrical fittings, or with plugs and cables connected to electrical equipment provided by the College. Any defects in College equipment should be reported immediately through the Property Maintenance Request system on the Current Members page of the Wolfson website. It is also forbidden to connect any appliances to a lighting circuit, or to use two or three way adaptors in a socket outlet. Fused, short, multiplug trailing sockets may be used.
  7. Additional items of electrical equipment when acquired must be registered on your form in the Housekeeping Office.
  8. It is prohibited to use freestanding electric heaters or electric guitars in College accommodation or office space.
  9.  Residents are required by law to obtain a current license for private televisions.
  10. Those in doubt about a particular piece of electrical equipment should contact the Maintenance Department as detailed in item 6.
  11. College Maintenance and Cleaning Staff are instructed to report equipment that appears to be non-compliant with the above regulations. Equipment found to be non-compliant will be removed by the College. THE COLLEGE’S DECISION ON THE USE OF ANY APPLIANCE IS FINAL.
  12. The College reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time without further notice.

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Our upcoming events

Lectures and Seminars
21 - 21
Feb Feb
AWRC Lunch Table and Talk
Wednesday 21 February -
12:30pm to 2:00pm

Lunch Table in Hall from 12:30, followed by a talk in the Florey Room at 1.15 delivered by Dr Peter Stewart (CARC Director and GB Fellow at Wolfson) entitled “The Trojan Horse and the Buddha: Tracking the Classical Connections of Ancient Gandharan Art”.
Coffee and cakes will be served.

College Committee
21 - 21
Feb Feb
General Purposes Committee
Wednesday 21 February -
1:30pm to 2:30pm

General Purposes Committee prepares the agenda for the subsequent Governing Body meeting, and is an important committee of the College. Chaired by the President, it is composed of College officers, elected fellows, four elected junior members (including at least two graduate students and one SF, RF or JRF) and the chairs of the General Meeting and the Social and Cultural Committee. Committees to which graduate students are elected.

Lectures and Seminars
21 - 21
Feb Feb
Visiting Scholars and Research Members of Common Room research presentations
Wednesday 21 February -
4:30pm to 7:00pm

Four of the College’s current or former Visiting Scholars and Research Members of Common Room will give presentations of their research in the Haldane Room on Wednesday 21 February 2018, 4.30-7.00, in 30 minute sessions to include 5-10 minutes for discussion. There will be drinks 5.30-5.45, after the first and second talks, and 6.45-7.00, after the third and fourth talks.