Christopher Howgego

Keeper of the Heberden Coin Room; Professor of Greek and Roman Numismatics

Professor Christopher Howgego is Keeper of the Heberden Coin Room in the Ashmolean Museum and Professor of Greek and Roman Numismatics. He also holds an Honorary Professorship at the University of Warwick. He is  the author of Ancient History From Coins, which is currently available in 6 languages and he has written widely on Roman coinage and history.


Howgegos last book was a volume edited with Volker Heuchert and Andrew Burnett on Coinage and Identity in the Roman Provinces. In addition, he directs the Roman Provincial Coinage in the Antonine Period Project and, with Professor Andrew Wilson, the Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire Project. He was lead curator for the new Money Gallery for the Ashmolean and supervised the creation of numismatic displays for 25 other galleries.