Shinobu Majima

Visiting Scholar
Faculty of History

Shinobu Majima is Professor of world economic history at Gakushuin University, Tokyo, and has a doctorate in modern history from the University of Oxford. Her broad range of interest has centered around the history of consumption. Since her permanent research base moved to Japan, after having worked at Centre for Research on Socio-cultural Change at Manchester, her interest broadened to include the history of Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia and Singapore, at a crossroad between the imperial histories of Britain and Japan. Majima has just completed a collaborative project which explored how Japanese wartime economists tried to comprehend ethno-diverse society and consumption in Singapore, and also recently written up a history of inland trading routes, native markets and consumption, based on funded research expeditions into the rainforest of Malaysian Borneo.

Majima interest connects history with consumption and development studies: (1) fashion and global economy since the 17th century; (2) new teaching methods on global economic history; (3) a comparative history of poverty surveys in the global south; and (4) trade and land rights of the tropical nomadic people.

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