Maryam Aslany

Career Development Researcher in Contemporary Indian Studies

College position:

Dr Aslany is an economic sociologist of South Asia with research interests in the political economy of emerging markets and environment. She is particularly interested in innovative mixed methods in social-science research. In 2018, she received her doctorate in Economic Sociology from King’s College London. Her first monograph, Contested Capital: Rural Middle Classes in India, is published by Cambridge University Press (March 2020). Contested Capital explores agrarian transformations, systematised inequalities and the making of rural middle classes in India, from the perspectives of three class theorists: Marx, Weber and Bourdieu.
She has also conducted research towards mainstreaming the environment into political-economy research. Aslany recently completed a collaborative, interdisciplinary study of the political-economy of climate change adaptation in India and Fiji (2018-19) funded by the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Her current project undertakes a comparative study of informal economies and emerging rural middle classes in India, Ethiopia and Colombia.

Aslany’s research interests include: the emerging rural middle classes; the informal economy and class formation in middle-income countries; informal labour; and the political economy of climate adaptation.