Judit Frigyesi

Oriental Studies

College position:

Judit Frigyesi Niran is a teacher, writer, poet, musicologist and ethnomusicologist. She researched numerous composers and wrote about the meaning and context of musics from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. She is a leading scholar of Béla Bartók (Béla Bartók and turn-of-the-century Budapest, California University). She has been documenting the prayer chant of East-European Jews since the late 1970s; she was the only scholar to research this secretly practiced tradition in post-WWII Communist countries. Apart from numerous scholarly publications, she completed a documentary novel on the topic (Writing on Water –The Sounds of Jewish Prayer, CEU Press). She published short stories and poems, created photo exhibitions, installations and multimedia projects. Her theatrical montage “Fleeting Resonances”, combining poetry, film, audio, field recordings and live performance, has been staged in Germany, Hungary, and Israel.