Jonathan Samuels

Junior Research Fellow, Tibetan and Himalayan Studies

College position:

Dr Jonathan Samuels received his DPhil in Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford in 2014. He was formerly a monk, in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and after many years of study in monasteries in Tibetan refugee communities within India, he received the scholastic degree of geshe. His research falls into two main areas: Tibetan religion especially aspects of monastic tradition and Indo-Tibetan philosophy and the anthropology of the Himalayan region for his DPhil he worked with the Tamang ethnic group in Nepal with particular focus on the historical dimension to kinship studies.

His current research project investigates Tibetan medieval monastic education, giving special attention to the institution of public religious debate. In addition, he is preparing two books for publication, an edited volume on Tibetan kinship and a translation of texts from the Tibetan Buddhist logico-epistemological tradition. He is also responsible for coordinating activities relating to the Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Research Cluster at Wolfson.