Claas Kirchhelle

Research Associate/ Martin Fellow
History Faculty & Oxford Martin School

College position:

As part of the Oxford Martin School's Programme on Collective Responsibility for Infectious Disease, Dr Claas Kirchhelle's research focusses on the global history of antibiotic use, resistance, and regulation. Kirchhelle is also a co-curator of the Museum of the History of Science's exhibition "Back from the Dead - Demystifying Antibiotics" (Nov 2016 to May 2017). Sponsered by the Welcome Trust and under the supervision of Prof Mark Harrison, University of Oxford, he received a DPhil in 2015. His DPhil dissertation received the University's 2016 Dev Family Prize and is currently under contract with Rutgers University Press.

Between 2006 and 2012, Kirchhelle studied modern and medieval history with a specific focus on environmental history at the Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich. Afterwards Kirchelle won a Fulbright grant to study at the University of Chicago for an additional MA in the Social Sciences.

Kirchhelle's research interests center on the history of human-environmental interactions with a specific focus on the history of infectious disease, public health policy, and epidemiology. He is especially interested in issues relating to antibiotic resistance, infection control, and an epidemiological technology called bacteriophage-typing.