Chigusa Yamaura

Research and Teaching Associate
The Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies

College position:

Dr. Chigusa Yamaura is a Sociocultural Anthropologist specializing in contemporary Japan and China. Her research agenda is to ethnographically explore the intersection of intimate lives, in particular gendered life course expectations, and larger social and political ideologies. In her first project she looked at commercial cross-border matchmaking practices between Japan and northeast China. Based on multisited ethnography, it explores how these marriages are shaped by contemporary transnational linkages and colonial legacies in East Asia, local marital norms and global gendered mobilities, and social perceptions of the differences between “normal” and “abnormal” marriages.

Her next project looks at the cultural politics of childcare provision in Japan. It examines the ways in which childcare provision is arranged for preschool children reveal the shifting cultural ideologies of motherhood, family, children and also the nation-state.