Cathy Cantwell

College position:

I work on tantric ritual traditions of different periods, ancient and contemporary, with a particular focus on the development and practice of rNying ma traditions. I have studied scriptural texts of the rNying ma Tantra Collection, along with archaeologically recovered manuscripts from Dunhuang, as well as more recent practice traditions, such as Longevity Rituals from a twentieth century revelation. I have also looked at an early Bon-po Phur-pa tantra and its similarities to and differences from the rNying-ma Phur-pa tantras.

I am currently completing the main project book from our Oxford research project on the development of revelation texts over several generations, resulting in the contemporary Dudjom Terma tradition. I am also working on materials which have arisen out of a Visiting Fellowship (2015-2016) at the University of Bochum, on the theme of Religion and the Senses.

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