Anna Sehnalova

Anna Sehnalova

DPhil Student

College position:

Interest in religions and languages, anthropology, Asian Jewish Diaspora, biology, ecology, and travelling has led me to Tibet. Since my first visit long time ago, and later living for two years in the region, I have never stopped returning.

I am most fascinated by people’s reflections of the environment and nature, wild plants and animals, the ways of understanding them and approaching them through religion, ritual, literary expressions and oral traditions.

Recently, I have observed and studied the healing Mendrub (སྨན་སྒྲུབ། sman sgrub) ritual as performed at the Bonpo Triten Norbutse monastery, Kathmandu in December 2012. Analysing its complexity, I touch upon traditional Tibetan medicine, botany and species’ classification. In the near future I hope to explore the significance and various roles of Amnye Machen (ཨ་མྱེས་རྨ་ཆེན། a myes rma chen) mountain and its deity Machen Pomra (རྨ་ཆེན་སྦོམ་ར། rma chen sbom ra) in different contexts of Tibetan culture throughout its history, from myths, local ritual, Bon and Buddhist practices up to the present secularised reflections.