Andreas Winkler

Departmental Lecturer in Egyptology and Coptic
Faculty of Oriental Studies

College position:

Dr Andreas Winkler has taught and conducted research at, for instance,UC Berkeley (CA), Brown University (Providence, RI), and the University of Oxford. Currently, he is a Departmental Lecturer in Egyptology and Coptic at the Faculty of Oriental Studies where he principally teaches Egyptian languages and offers instruction in history and civilisation. Winkler also conducts tutorials and supervises research students at the MPhil and DPhil levels.

His research focuses on Egyptian history from the first millennium BC until Late Antique times. Winkler focuses on the history of science in ancient Egypt and Mediterranean world, in particular the history of astronomy and astrology. He also researches the social and economic history of the period with a particular emphasis on the temple as an economic and administrative entity.