Offer Holder FAQs 2020

Below you can find answers to our offer holders' frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions which are not answered here, please contact our Academic Office team at

You should plan to arrive in time for the start of Freshers’ Week (induction/orientation), which begins on Monday 05 October, or by your course start date, whichever is the earlier. If you are not sure when your course starts please check the certificate of offer you received from your department and contact your departmental administrator if you are still unsure.  

All students:

  • Activate your Single Sign On (SSO) account – this is your Oxford email and IT account and can only be activated after you have returned your signed University contract and card form to the address listed on the card form
  • Sign up to Eduroam (university WiFi) 
  • Read the Guide to Living & Studying Safely at Wolfson
  • Read the information listed at the College’s induction webpages 
  • Register with the college doctors (unless you are already registered with another GP surgery in Oxford or need to stay registered with your home GP if you are resident elsewhere in the UK) 
  • Inform us of your expected arrival date – UNLESS you are moving to non-Wolfson accommodation from elsewhere in the UK or from a country belonging to the travel corridor list. Details on this are in the table here.
  • Ensure you bring face coverings and antibacterial sanitiser; face coverings must be worn at all times in common and/or public spaces in University and college facilities unless you cannot wear one for medical reasons  
  • Download MS Teams and Zoom (MS Teams is the University’s preferred mode of video communication but Zoom is also likely to be used for social events) 
  • Ensure you have received all applicable vaccinations
  • Read the University’s new students’ webpage
  • Ensure you have received all applicable vaccinations

  • Read the University’s new students’ webpage

In addition to this, students arriving from outside the UK should:

  • Set up a UK bank account (for more information, see the handout at the bottom of the page) 
  • Purchase a new SIM card for your phone 
  • Check whether you need to quarantine – this list changes frequently so please check it regularly, as well as immediately before travel 
  • Familiarise yourself with your route from your port of entry (e.g. airport) to the College – further details about this are provided below 
  • If you need to quarantine, ensure you have all your essentials for your first 14 days in the UK as you will not be permitted to go to the shop during this time (even on your way from your port of entry to your accommodation) – this means clothes, toiletries, bedlinens, towels, electrical adapters, laptop, phone, chargers, pen, medications, and any other essential items 

Quarantine, also sometimes known as self-isolation, means that you stay in your residence for a period of time (currently 14 days) without coming into contact with anyone else. Please see the UK Government’s guide to quarantine. If you share bathroom facilities you should wipe down all surfaces you have touched with an antibacterial wipe once you are finished, and you should avoid using the facilities when others are using them. Unless you live alone in your flat or house you should stay in your room as much as possible. If you are living in shared accommodation we recommend that you minimise your use of the kitchen; if you live in Wolfson accommodation we ask that you do not use shared kitchen facilities at all during your quarantine period (a kettle, napkins, and cutlery will be provided in your room to assist you with food preparation, and rubbish will be collected regularly from outside your door).  

If you are arriving from outside the UK (even if it is within the EU) you must check the UK’s list of approved countries regularly, and immediately before arrival, as the list changes frequently and with short notice. If the country or countries where you have been located for 14 days prior to your arrival in the UK appear on the list, you do not need to quarantine. If any of the countries where you have been located are NOT on the list, you must quarantine for the full 14 days regardless of whether you have been tested for the virus, the duration of your stay in those countries (note that transit stops normally count as a stay for quarantine purposes; please see the link above for more details), or any other factors. This is UK law and it is therefore imperative that you follow it. 

Living in Wolfson Accommodation? Need to quarantine? Actions
Yes No Ensure you have emailed with your expected arrival date/time.
Yes Yes

Ensure you have emailed with your expected arrival date/time.

Order your meals at least 48 hours before arrival by accessing the Gateway or (if you have not yet activated your Single Sign-On) emailing

No Yes

Order a bed linen pack (instructions below) at least 72 hours before arrival

Consider signing up with a grocery delivery service now and ordering groceries to be delivered a couple of days after your arrival (details below)

Familiarise yourself with other food ordening options (details below)

No No

No action required unless you will not be able to arrive by 05 October. If this is the case please email


To get to Oxford, please see this page. Once in Oxford you can take a taxi to reach Wolfson; these can be hailed on the street, found at a taxi rank outside Oxford rail station, Oxford Parkway rail station, or Gloucester Green bus station, or ordered by phone (please see here for details of local taxi companies). Alternatively you can take a bus  - the number 2/2A/2B/2C/2D (both Stagecoach and Oxford Bus Company), 14A (Stagecoach only), and 500 (Oxford Bus Company only) buses all stop at St Margaret’s Road, located very close to Linton Road (tickets for local buses are purchased directly from the driver using cash or contactless card payment). See the DailyInfo Guide to public transport for further information. 

Wolfson also operates a free minibus service from outside Blackwell’s bookshop on Broad Street. Please note that the minibus is not running regularly at the moment so we suggest you take a taxi to Wolfson to avoid disappointment. 

Our catering team, led by Sebastian Stefanov (Head of Catering & Events), can deliver a hot lunch to your room with a food pack for breakfast, snacks, and dinner Monday – Saturday, with a supplementary food pack for Sundays. Dietary requirements will be taken into account; please note these on the order form on the Gateway. Meals will not be automatically provided so please ensure you order your meals at least 24 hours in advance, or 48 hours if ordering on a Saturday. As you should not use shared kitchen facilities during your quarantine period you should plan to prepare your meals in your room until you have finished quarantine; a kettle, napkins, and cutlery will be provided to assist you with this. Rubbish will be collected at intervals; please place your rubbish in the plastic bags provided, tie them tightly, and place them outside your door the night before they are due to be collected.

If you wish to source food from elsewhere, see the DailyInfo’s guide for information on supermarkets (many of which offer online delivery) and local food outlets. Takeaways can be ordered directly from various restaurants and cafes and many are on Deliveroo and Just-Eat. You may wish to sign up for a membership to a grocery shop such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, or Ocado before you arrive in the UK to minimise delays in obtaining a food delivery. Please note that if you have food delivered to Wolfson during your quarantine period you must arrange for friends or flatmates who are not in quarantine to assist you with collecting any food deliveries on your behalf as this will greatly reduce the pressure on the Lodge during this very busy time.

Wolfson has paired up with Deliveroo to offer a service for those living offsite who need to quarantine which will allow those students to order meals from local restaurants through Deliveroo whilst receiving a daily discount of £5 which approximates the student subsidy all students receive when purchasing food from Wolfson's Hall/Catering team. Please click here for further information. 

If you wish to source food from elsewhere, see the DailyInfo’s guide for information on supermarkets (many of which offer online delivery) and local food outlets. Takeaways can be ordered directly from various restaurants and cafes and many are on Deliveroo and Just-Eat. You may wish to sign up for a membership to a grocery shop such as TescoSainsbury’sMorrison’s, or Ocado before you arrive in the UK to minimise delays in obtaining a food delivery. Wherever possible you should request a contactless delivery so the delivery person is aware that you are in quarantine and can take the necessary precautions when delivering your order.  

If you are living in Wolfson accommodation you will automatically be provided with a bedlinen pack consisting of two sets of clean linen, a duvet, a pillow, and a mattress protector. This will be in your room when you arrive. You should bring two towels with you as these are not provided.

If you are not living in Wolfson accommodation you can order a basic bedlinen pack (1 set of clean linen, a duvet, and a pillow) from Wolfson which we can deliver to your address. As we will hand-deliver this it is imperative that you order your pack at least 72 hours in advance and that you give your address, email address, UK phone number (if possible), and bedlinen size requirement when ordering. If no size is specified we will provide you with a single-sized set. To order a pack please send the above information to You must email if you experience any significant delay to your expected arrival time as we may need to rearrange our delivery. Please note that we cannot deliver 24/7 so if you are arriving at your accommodation at night or on a weekend we may not be able to deliver your parcel the same day.

From the middle of September we will have a programme of online wellbeing and social sessions designed to support those in quarantine – though any Wolfson student is welcome to attend! These will include a range of fitness classes designed for small spaces as well as social activities such as tea/coffee breaks and film-watching sessions. We have a Facebook group for the incoming cohort of freshers as well as a Wolfson Facebook page which you will all be welcome to join and to use to communicate with each other. If you are based in Wolfson accommodation we will also be able to deliver books from the Wolfson library to your room – please fill in the form here

It’s a good idea to prepare for your period of quarantine by lining up activities to keep you occupied. These could include watching that TV series you’ve always wanted to watch (or rewatching an old favourite), listening to podcasts, keeping in touch with loved ones, doing short online courses, and preparing for your course by reading relevant books, articles, etc. Try to avoid spending all day at your screen, so make sure you do some activities which do not involve screen use, such as exercise and arts & crafts activities. It’s also really important to try to set a sensible daily routine – wake up and go to sleep at set times, open your curtains during the day to let in natural light, and eat at regular intervals. If you are arriving from a different time zone this will also help get rid of any jet lag so that you are adjusted to British time in advance of finishing quarantine. 

For more advice and guidance on this topic please see the NHS website and Mind website.  Our Welfare Officers are here to help if you would like to speak with them on Teams – please email (please note that emails are not answered 24/7).

While we do our best to house all incoming and current students who request it, we are not always able to offer rooms to everyone who wants them. Those who have not obtained Wolfson accommodation should email for a list of alternative housing accommodation options. If you are looking at private housing options and have a question, for example about terminology, transport options, or a particular location, please feel free to post your question on the Wolfson Freshers 2020 Facebook group.

If you become unwell before your travel, regardless of where you are currently located, please let us know by emailing If you are unable to travel because your current country of residence has placed restrictions on outgoing travel, please email and let us know your current location and any other relevant details, such as whether you will be living in Wolfson accommodation or elsewhere. 

There is currently no testing upon arrival (either in UK ports of entry or Wolfson) by default; however, if you begin to experience symptoms please instruct your crew or driver immediately.  

If you are not already in quarantine you must immediately self-isolate. You must then register for a free coronavirus test (if you do not have internet access you can do this by calling 119) and email Regardless of where you are living we will ask you for regular updates until your symptoms have resolved. Please see here for more details.  

In September the University will have its own coronavirus testing service; further details about this service will be released as soon as they are available.  

Yes! We encourage anyone with a disability (which in the UK is classed as any long-term physical, emotional, or psychological illness or impairment which significantly and negatively affects daily life) to disclose this, even if they feel that no support is needed, as it is often the case that students do not disclose and later end up realising they do need support. It can take a few months to get all support into place so it is really important to let us know as soon as possible. Please see the University’s Disability Advisory Service website for more details and email if you have any questions. The Academic Registrar, Megan Roper, is Wolfson’s first point of contact for disability support; she can be reached at  

Yes, face coverings in indoor public or common areas are now mandatory in University and college facilities (though if you have a medical condition which makes it unsafe for you to wear a face covering you are exempt from this rule). For more information please see our Guide to Living and Studying Safely at Wolfson.

To reduce waste we encourage you to use reusable face coverings; these can be easily made at home using fabric from old clothing or linens. Instructions are available here

Please see this brief ‘Covid Conversation’ with Oxford academic Prof. Melinda Mills as she discusses the science behind face coverings.

If you or someone you are with experiences a life-threatening medical condition you must call 999 and ask for the ambulance. If you experience an urgent health condition or injury you should call 111; you may then be offered an emergency appointment with a GP or taken to hospital. We strongly encourage all students to register with the College doctors, the Banbury Road Medical Centre, as this may help to expedite treatment or provision of medical documentation if it affects your studies (for example, medical certificates supporting alternative exam arrangements). If you already have a doctor elsewhere in the UK or Oxford and are undergoing long-term treatment with them you may stay registered with your current GP but please note that this may cause delays in obtaining medical documentation should it be required.  

Our college nurse is currently seeing all patients remotely in the first instance. Please feel free to contact her for medical advice and support from September at

Pharmacies can also offer advice and guidance for minor illnesses and injuries. For more information please see the NHS website.  

If you are a non-UK student please read the UKCISA guide to UK healthcare as this offers a very comprehensive guide to the British healthcare system. If you have regular prescriptions please be aware that not all prescriptions are readily available in the UK (for example, many ADHD medications are not as frequently prescribed as they are in the US).  

Course fee invoices are sent out in the beginning of September with payments due by the start of term in October. Payments by instalment are not normally permitted unless you are paying with a student loan that is disbursed termly; for further advice and guidance on this please see here.   

In order for you to be eligible to be enrolled, you must:

  • Complete and submit your signed Docusign pack 
  • If applicable, upload your passport and BRP scans to the link we have issued to all students for whom this is relevant
  • Verify your details on Student Self Service

If you have questions about any of the above please email

You will be able to access your enrolment certificate on Student Self Service after we have enrolled you. Please note that we cannot access your enrolment certificate for you - you can only access it by logging into Student Self Service.

Your enrolment certificate is a document which confirms your enrolment for the current academic year. If you are a full-time student living in the UK you will be able to use this certificate to obtain a waiver for council tax. (Note that this is sometimes referred to as a 'council tax exemption certificate' by some accommodation providers.) The certificate can also be used as formal documentation to support an application to open a bank account or to apply for some types of visas. If you need your certificate to be endorsed - i.e. stamped and signed - please email it to and we will return a copy to you via email unless you request it as a hard copy instead. If you need a hard copy endorsed please email the PDF version to us and we will email it to you when it is ready for you to collect.

You will be able to access your enrolment certificate on Student Self Service after we have enrolled you. Please note that we will not enrol you until you have completed all applicable steps of the enrolment process (please see the above question, 'How do I complete my student registration and enrolment', for information on how to complete the enrolment process).  

Please note that we cannot access your enrolment certificate for you - you can only access it by logging into Student Self Service.

The following items are mandatory components of your student induction:

  • Complete your student registration, as detailed above
  • Read the information listed at the College Registration page, including the downloadable handouts
  • Attend the President's Welcome and College Meeting, to be held virtually on Wednesday 08 October (more details to follow)
  • Attend the Health & Welfare Induction, to be held virtually in Freshers' Week (more details to follow)
  • Consent Matters and Equality & Diversity online training (more details to follow)

The following items are optional components of your student induction:

  • Online induction to the Library  - video here
  • Social activities for new Wolfson students (more details to follow)
  • Read the University's guide to remote study

The University of Oxford has a formal Matriculation ceremony to mark the point at which a student becomes a member of the University. Normally this event happens in person and all attendees are required to wear full academic dress, which includes an academic gown. 

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, new students will be matriculated in absentia during 0th week of Michaelmas term 2020, and a remote University welcome will be held. The Formal Welcome to the University by the Vice-Chancellor will take place on Saturday 17th October. This event will be look slightly different to the usual ceremony but will retain as many of the traditions as possible. A link to the recording will be shared after the event, so that students in different time zones are able to watch it at a convenient time. Invitations with further details will be sent to you via email.

Details of how Wolfson plans to celebrate Matriculation will be circulated closer to the time. As this Formal Welcome will be held virtually you do not need to purchase academic dress (known in Oxford as 'sub fusc') for this event. Wolfson has very few events which require academic gowns, and they are not required for exams conducted wholly online, as many will be this year, so unless you really want to you do not need to make purchasing an academic gown a priority. For more information on academic dress please see the University's academic dress webpage

University cards (i.e. your student ID, also known as your 'Bod card') will be issued with your fresher pack. We emailed incoming students on 24 September with instructions on how to book a slot to collect your pack. If you will not be in Oxford this term we will keep your fresher pack safe until you arrive.

Please see point 7 of the University's information page for Tier 4 visa students. If you are arriving in Oxford between 28 September - 06 October and have elected to collect your BRP from Wolfson, you will need to make an appointment to collect your BRP from us (the booking system will be linked here shortly). You MUST have completed any mandatory quarantine prior to attending your appointment, and you must have uploaded your passport photo page before attending your appointment. We have emailed all students for whom this is relevant with the link to the document upload page. If you are arriving before 28 September, after 06 October, and/or have not elected to collect your BRP from Wolfson, it will normally be available at the main Post Office on St Aldate's (again, you cannot collect it until you have completed any mandatory quarantine period). 

Please see the Wolfson IT's information page here