Wolfson Dancing Lives Conference
Wolfson Hosts Dancing Lives Conference

Published on:

Thursday 27 July


On 8 July, the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, in collaboration with Dance Scholarship Oxford (DANSOX), hosted a day conference on “Dancing Lives“.

The conference brought together scholars, curators, biographers, and dance practitioners to explore how people write about the lives of dancers and choreographers and how dance as a silent form represents life stories.

The day featured a broad range of papers, addressing the historical dimension of dance as a social and political practice, and the diasporic conditions bearing on the lives of dancers from outside Europe. For the plenary lecture, Professor Dame Hermione Lee (OCLW) and Professor Sue Jones (DANSOX) welcomed Dame Monica Mason, former artistic director of the Royal Ballet. This hugely successful and stimulating conference was crowned by a unique performance from Rambert Dance Company.

Image from left: Professor Susan Jones, Dame Monica Mason and Professor Dame Hermione Lee.