Two Wolfson professors receive recognition of distinction

Published on
Monday 13 December 2021
College & Community

Professors Nikita Sud and Erica Charters have received Oxford University's Recognition of Distinction with promotion to full professors.

Each year, Associate Professors bid for a “recognition of distinction” to be promoted to full Professor. We are delighted that Professor Sud and Professor Charters heard the good news.

Nikita Sud is now Professor of the Politics of Development. Nikita's research and teaching is centred on the politics of development; the neo-liberal transformation of postcolonial states and governance; and the political sociology, economy, and ecology of contemporary India.

Erica Charters is now Professor of the the Global History of Medicine. Her research examines the history of war, disease, and bodies, particularly in the British and French empires. In the context of COVID-19, Professor Charters is coordinating a multidisciplinary project on How Epidemics End