Jack the dog
Start trial with therapy dog Jack

Published on:

Friday 28 September


Have you spotted our new four-footed college member Jack? Following the successful therapy dog events, organised by the student Welfare Officers, the College is trialling an arrangement with the Bursar to allow students who find spending time in the company of a dog beneficial to their wellbeing more opportunities to do so.

Although research in this area has a long way to go, there is a growing trend for animal assisted therapy. Some studies show that spending time with a pet can be wonderful for relieving stress, pressure and anxiety, and even help lower blood pressure and make people feel calmer and happier. This is why the College has decided to start a trial with Jack, which will take place from September to November 2018. 

Jack lives with the Bursar and his family. He's a cocker spaniel, which is a highly intelligent breed, well known for their affection. Jack loves to be around people and is happiest in company. He is very well trained and responds to various commands. Jack will normally, but not always, be available during working hours although you will need to check availability in advance. If you want to spend some time with Jack, please contact the PA to the Bursar via bursars.office@wolfson.ox.ac.uk