George Smith portrait photo
Professor George Smith Honoured by Royal Society

Published on:

5 August 2020


Congratulations to Professor George Smith, FRS, who has been awarded the Armourers & Brasiers' Company Prize 2020 for pioneering and leading the development of engineering alloys through the invention and application of the three-dimensional atom probe, making profound contributions to basic understanding and industrial applications.

The Royal Society Armourers & Brasiers' Company Prize is awarded biennially (in even years) for excellence in basic research in functional or structural materials where the research is clearly motivated by use of these materials. The prize is given with a medal and gift of £2,000.

On being awarded this prize, Smith said, "I am greatly honoured to receive this prestigious award. My dominant thought is that this was a team effort. A large number of highly talented people worked within the team over many years to achieve this success, and this award is a tribute to them all."

Smith was the second JRF ever to be elected at Wolfson College. is a materials scientist with special interest in the study of the microstructure, composition and properties of engineering materials at the atomic level. He officially retired from Oxford University in 2010, but continues to be active in research as Emeritus Professor of Materials, and as an external consultant to an expanding U.K. fusion energy company, Tokamak Energy Ltd.