New Scientist features new physics book from Wolfson Fellow Chiara Marletto

Published on
Tuesday 27 April 2021
Science & Technology

The physicist’s promising exploration into counterfactuals, The Science of Can and Can’t, gains global traction with leading coverage in New Scientist and an upcoming interview with BBC.

Marletto's powerful new book delves into everything from gravity to consciousness. She explores a vast class of properties so far untouched by science, looking not only at what is true but what could be true - the counterfactual. 

This revolutionary approach holds extraordinary promise for confronting existing technological challenges, from delivering next-generation processors to designing AI. Chiara shows how counterfactuals can break down barriers to knowledge and form a more complete, abundant and rewarding picture of the universe. 

In her article for New Scientist, Marletto said, “The quantum theory of computation originated as a way to deepen our understanding of quantum theory, our fundamental theory of physical reality. By applying the principles we have learned more broadly, we think we are beginning to see the outline of a radical new way to construct laws of nature.”

Chiara Marletto is a Research Fellow working at the Physics Department, University of Oxford. Within Wolfson, she is an active member of the Quantum Cluster and of the New Frontiers Quantum Hub.

Her research is in theoretical physics, with special emphasis on Quantum Theory of Computation, Information Theory, Thermodynamics, Condensed-Matter Physics and Quantum Biology.