MPhil Student awarded grant from American Political Science Centennial Center

Published on
Friday 18 November 2022
Social Sciences

Congratulations to C.S. Pabbaraju, MPhil in Development Studies on receiving the grant for her work on bureaucracy, democracy/autocracy, and cultures of discretion/decision-making in conservation in India.

At the beginning of September, Wolfson MPhil student C.S. Pabbaraju, was awarded a grant from the American Political Science Centennial Center, for her work entitled ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Conservation and the Elasticity of State Authority in the Indian Himalayas’.

The grant consists of $2500 from the Alma Ostrom and Leah Hopkins Covid Education.

Of the award Ms Pabbaraju said “I would like to express much gratitude to The Centennial Center for supporting my work on examining the Indian state’s use of discretion in the Himalayan conservation bureaucracy as shaped by technology. Studying democracy is vital in order to create sustainable structures and practices that prioritize the rights of ethnic minorities, while also protecting the environment. We live in an eerie age of climate emergency and of the dire upset of animal-human relations, but we must ensure that democratising nations make the voices of those on the margins, and those most vulnerable to climate disaster, a central piece of their decision making.

To read her project abstract in full click here.