Martin Goodman Publishes A New History of Judaism

Published on:

Monday 5 February


Martin Goodman, Professor of Jewish Studies and a Fellow of Wolfson since 1991, crafts a worthy addition to the wide-ranging genre of Jewish studies. 

Martin Goodman, a Fellow at Wolfson, has published a new history of Judaism aimed at a wide readership. Published in the UK by Penguin/Allen Lane and in the United States by Princeton University Press, the book is the first attempt in English to encapsulate the full history of the religion in one volume for some 70 years. Professor Goodman specialises in the history of the Jews in the Roman period, and the book incorporates the findings of many of his earlier studies of Judaism in the classical world, but many readers will be equally interested in the second half of the book, which takes the story of Judaism down to the present day.

"Well-written and exhaustively researched, Goodman’s work is a masterpiece of pedagogy crafted as a tool for teaching and learning about one of civilization’s oldest religions." Kirkus Review