Lancaster House Christmas tree
London Alumni Event

Published on:

Tuesday 11 December


This year's Annual Holiday Drinks Party, on Monday 10 December, took place at Lancaster House in London.

The party was a fitting end to a year full of achievements and new friendships. Sir Tim Hitchens delivered a speech on his time in office and the College's plans to further our understanding of knowledge, our commitment to interdisciplinary research and improving the graduate experience.
On this, Sir Tim said: " There are many things we’ve been doing at Wolfson this year of which I’m proud. Academic success. Major publications. The refurbishment of the Buttery, to bring to life the original Powell and Moya architects’ plans. ".
Wolfson College would like to thank everybody for coming to the Annual Holiday Drinks Party. The Lancaster House is a neo-classical mansion that is rarely open to the public. It has been the venue of international negotiations and has been used as film locations, including Sherlock Holmes and Netflix's The Crown.