Lady Aline Berlin at the Wolfson Berlin Centenary event in 2009
Lady Berlin

Published on:

26 August 2014


It is with great sadness that Wolfson College announces the death of Aline, Lady Berlin, the widow of the College's founding president Sir Isaiah Berlin, on Monday 25 August.

Aline Berlin (neé de Gunzbourg),  born in London in 1915 of French-Russian parents, was brought up in France, spent the war years in New York as a refugee and came to Oxford in 1946, married at the time to Hans Halban (divorced 1955). In 1956 she married Isaiah Berlin, (1909-1997) later the founding President of Wolfson College (1966-1975). During more than 40 years of an extremely happy marriage she participated in Oxford academic life and in particular joined in the detailed discussions about the building of the College. She accompanied Isaiah Berlin and colleagues on visits in the UK and abroad to see other university and institutional buildings and lent her support to the social and physical development of the College until her death.