Jurassic World featuring Wolfson’s auditorium in cinemas now

Published on
Wednesday 29 June 2022
College & Community

The newly released Jurassic World Dominion features our Leonard Wolfson Auditorium (LWA) as the venue for franchise veteran Jeff Goldblum’s lecture about the fragile balance between humans and nature. 

The crew filmed during the pandemic in August 2020, and were as discreet as possible while managing the shoot with strict COVID-19 measures in place. This is the first time a blockbuster film has used our College as a shoot location, so students and fellows alike were excited to see the mysterious bustle. The auditorium also makes a cameo in the film’s official trailer here (1:36). 

Chosen for its distinct architecture, the auditorium’s modernist cues compliment Goldblum’s minimalist styling in the lecture scene. In shot, concrete beams span out from the ventilation tower and chestnut panelling adorns the muted seats, offset with balconies either side.  

The LWA was designed by architecture practice Berman Guedes Stretton, and built in 2013 by Oxford-based building firm Benfield and Loxley. For venue enquiries, please contact events@wolfson.ox.ac.uk  


Photo credit: John Wilson/Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment