IIsaiah Berlin bust by Anthony Stones photo by John Cairns
The Isaiah Berlin Legacy Weekend Update

Published on:

Monday 26 February

The College celebrated the Isaiah Berlin Legacy Giving Weekend, this weekend.  We were seeking support for the Berlin Legacy Research Fellowship to safeguard the ideas and writings of Sir Isaiah Berlin.

We would like to extend our thanks to our 57 donors and 27 ambassadors who helped make the Isaiah Berlin Legacy Giving Weekend a success. So far, together, we have raised £21,482.

The Isaiah Berlin Legacy Project, based at Wolfson College, Oxford, exists to promote the value of Berlin’s life and works. It aims to make his ideas more widely accessible in the digital age, while illustrating their continuing relevance to the central questions of the day. The Project is led by the Isaiah Berlin Legacy Fellow at Wolfson, Mark Pottle. It operates through a Trust Office in the heart of the College, and curates the Isaiah Berlin Room in the Library there.

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