The Isaiah Berlin Lecture: Liberalism and the resurgence of fascism

Published on:

Monday 13 May

This year's Isaiah Berlin Lecture will be held by Professor Paul Gilroy, Professor of American & English Literature at King's College London. 

Using the work of Sir Isaiah Berlin as a point of departure, this lecture will survey the difficulties that liberalism has had in responding to the recent resurgence of neo-fascism, ultra-nationalism, racism and xenophobia. Misrecognised as "populism", those forces have thrived in contemporary media ecology and have recently played a destructive, destabilising role in British politics.

Professor Paul Gilroy is a British historian, writer and academic. Gilroy is the 2019 winner of the Holberg Prize, for "his outstanding contributions to a number of academic fields, including cultural studies, critical race studies, sociology, history, anthropology and African-American studies". 

Launched in 1990 to celebrate the 80th birthday of Sir Isaiah Berlin, the Berlin Lecture is in his field of study - the history of ideas. The annual lecture is held in association with the Rothschild Foundation, a charity supporting arts and heritage, the environment, education and social welfare. 

The Isaiah Berlin Lecture in association with the Rothschild Foundation: Liberalism and the resurgence of fascism
Date: Thursday 16 May 2019
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