Dr Peter Hatfield awarded Fellowship in AI from GCHQ

Published on
Wednesday 6 January 2021
Wolfson People

Congratulations to Dr Peter Hatfield, Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson, who was awarded a Fellowship for National Resilience from the intelligence, cyber and security agency, GCHQ. 

The Research Fellowships Programme for National Resilience is part of GCHQ’s efforts to pioneer a new kind of security by harnessing the collective power of academia and industry to provide fresh perspectives on ways to address national security priorities. Dr Peter Hatfield, an astrophysicist who works in the Oxford Hintze Centre for Astrophysical Surveys, is one of five academics to have been awarded this brand new fellowship. He will use the award to do research on combining predictions from artificial intelligence with predictions from conventional physics methods. 

Hatfield commented, “It is a great privilege to have been selected and to be able to contribute to these big challenges. I am very excited about what lies ahead.”

His work will be considering “secure” use of artificial intelligence – how to use AI in a reliable way to understand data for global physics challenges. It will develop methods for secure decision-making based on physics data, applicable both for advancements in fundamental physics, as well as for physics problems of national importance.

GCHQ is an intelligence, security and cyber agency with a mission to help keep the UK safe. Its people use cutting-edge technology, technical ingenuity and world leading partnerships to identify, analyse and disrupt threats in an increasingly complex world. GCHQ works closely with law enforcement and international partners to counter real-world and online threats from nation states, criminal groups, terrorists and individuals.

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