Dr Bettina Lange admitted as Assessor of the University

Published on
Wednesday 17 March 2021
Wolfson People

Wolfson congratulates Governing Body Fellow Dr Bettina Lange for being admitted as the Assessor of the University of Oxford on Wednesday 17 March 2021.

With the Proctors, the Assessor is a senior officer of the University whose roles encompass advocacy and scrutiny. The office of the Assessor was created in 1960, with a special concern for policies on student health, welfare and financial issues. Dr Bettina Lange replaces Professor Helen Swift (St Hilda's College). 

About the admissions ceremony Dr Bettina Lange said, "'An ancient Oxford tradition with ceremonial Latin, and—notwithstanding the pandemic—full sub-fusc sartorial standards. It signals the start of the modern proctorial and assessorial offices concerned with student & staff well-being and equality & diversity."

Dr Bettina Lange is Associate Professor in Law and Regulation.

A Congregation meeting has been recorded and will be broadcast at noon on 17 March. Please follow this link or watch the video below for the Admission Ceremony. The recording will remain available for 2 weeks, until 31 March.