Diplomacy for the 21st Century: An Asian Perspective

Published on:

11 October 2018


Wolfson College is honoured to have Ambassador Tsuruoka, Ambassador of Japan, present this year's Wolfson Lecture Series in Diplomacy for the 21st Century. 

Sir Tim Hitchens, College President, commented: "Tectonic plates are shifting in the world, nowhere more so than in earthquake prone East Asia. If the critical global relationship now is the US with China, then Asian Diplomacy will be a key determinant in global affairs this decade and beyond. This is not something happening on the edge of the globe; it's not the “Far East”. Japan, China and the US are now arguably the centre of world affairs. Today's lecture brings up to date with the main battleground of 21st Century Diplomacy".

In the course of his lecture, Ambassador Tsuruoka will examine the way that Asia continues to gain in importance in the international community with its vast population and growing economies, and how the region also faces numerous challenges.

Diplomacy for the 21st Century is a Wolfson College Lecture Series that will give insight into how diplomacy is done in a modern age and the vital work that the diplomatic service does in strengthening relationships across borders.