Report a housekeeping/ maintenance problem


For help with doors, cookers, lightbulbs, plumbing, etc., please use the property maintenance request web form.


For help with housekeeping issues, including furniture, soft furnishings, recycling etc, please use the housekeeping request web form. Housekeeping also have a limited number of spare single mattresses which may be borrowed for a maximum of four nights, although availabilty cannot be guaranteed.


In the case of a genuine emergency (eg a leaking pipe) please contact the lodge (tel: 274100) who will assist you.

Members of college should not give instructions directly to members of the maintenance team - all requests should be reported through the online system, and will be prioritised. Staff have access to all accommodation and common rooms, and carry appropriate college identity cards. Your attendance is not necessary while repairs are carried out.


The College's telephone system is part of the University telephone network and telephone faults are dealt with separately. For more information or support please see the Telephone Service pages.

Housekeeping team
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13 February 2017

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