Borrowing Books

Borrowing, Renewing and Returning Books

  • Readers can borrow, renew and return books using the self-issue unit in the Jessup Room. Just follow the "on screen" instructions.


  • Readers may borrow up to 20 books and all books must be checked out before leaving the Library. Please consult the Library staff  if you need  to borrow more.
  • If the security alarm sounds as you leave the Library, return and issue your books, consult the Library staff  or complete a report sheet in their absence.


  • Books should be checked in using the self-issue unit and then placed on the trolley for shelving.
  • Books are returned or renewed at the beginning and end of each term (Wednesday of 0th week and Wednesday of 10th week)
  • Failure to return or renew items borrowed from the Library by their due date will incur a fine.
  • Readers may renew each item remotely a maximum of 5 times. Thereafter the item should be returned for Library staff  to see or it will be considered lost.
  • Readers who intend to be absent from the College for a substantial period of time should return all their books or make arrangements with Library staff. If a book is requested by another reader it must be returned at the borrower's expense


  •  Use the "My Account" function on SOLO to manage your loans. A guide can be found here

Overdue Books

  • Automated reminder letters are sent to your university email three days before an item is due.
  • An overdue letter is sent out once the item is overdue.
  • Borrowers who fail to return a book recalled by another user by the specified date will be fined £1 per book, per week (or part of a week) until the book is returned.
  • Readers will be fined £1 for each week (or part of a week) an item is overdue. This will be charged to the reader's battels.
  • Readers who fail to respond to overdue notices will be charged for the replacement plus a 10% administration fee for each book. This will be charged to the reader's battels.
  • Readers who exceed the maximum number of renewals and who fail to see the Librarian will be charged for the replacement plus a 10% administration fee for each book. This will be charged to the reader's battels.
  • If a reader removes or attempts to remove from the Library material not issued to himself/herself they will incur a penalty of £50. This will be charged to the reader's battels.
  • A charge of £40 plus a 10% administration fee will be levied for books which are out of print.

To reserve or recall a book

  • Consult the Librarian.

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4 September 2019
Philomen Probert's book on the Latin Accent published

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26 July 2019
Bryan Magee - Obituary

Bryan Magee, philosopher, writer, broadcaster, politician, died at St Luke's Hospital, Headington, on 26 July 2019 aged eighty-nine. 

Our upcoming events

Lectures and Seminars
20 - 20
Sep Sep
Beyond the Picture: Calligraphy and the Arts of the Book in Sultanate India
Friday 20 September - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

A lecture by Eloïse Brac de la Perrière. Numerous fields of investigation await the attention of specialists of Sultanate India. In particular, the study of illustrated manuscripts offers many perspectives: the iconography, the text, and the book itself, including its materials and their assemblage. The calligraphy from this period has scarcely been studied, despite its marked peculiarities. Calligraphy also provides a bridge between the artistic, intellectual and spiritual fields.

01 - 03
Oct Oct
Futures Thinking Conference
Tuesday 1 October - 8:30am to Thursday 3 October - 1:00pm

Futures Thinking is a TORCH research network that uses Humanities methodologies to think through future-oriented technologies and concerns. This conference seeks to explore the future of reading and narrative in relation to how questions of inequality, bias in programming and developing technologies are changing the way that human beings create and interact with narrative and the self.

04 - 04
Oct Oct
RF/JRF Lunch Table
Friday 4 October - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

RF/JRF informal lunch table in Hall (12:30-1:30pm). Wine and beer are served. Partners and children are welcome.