Latest Service Updates

This is Wolfson's page for keeping you up-to-date with the latest about our facilities, providing you with information on what facilities are open or closed. It will be updated as often as there is any significant change.

Last updated 11 January 2021

Wolfson College remains open, but under lockdown. The Hall and Library remain open, with limited service. We should all minimise the time spent outside our households.

For more information about safe practice and measures taken around the College, please visit our Wolfson and Covid-19 page here.

Third Lockdown Update
Our kitchen will continue to provide hot food for those at Wolfson to take away.

The Hall seating area is closed until further notice, takeaway meals and groceries are available during the following service periods.

  • Lunch is available 12pm - 2pm (Monday - Friday) and brunch on Saturday 9.30am - 11.30am.
  • Please maintain two metre social distance at all times: be careful to respect the two-metre gap signs and keep appropriate social distance from staff. 

The Upper and Lower Common Rooms have been closed until further notice. We have postponed the reopening of the College café, though the space itself remains open.

Groceries for residents in isolation
Those who are self-isolating or in quarantine can purchase groceries from our wholesaler through the College's Catering Office. 

  • Complete the Grocery Order Form and email it to by 9am Monday to Friday
  • Be sure to put your room number on the order, so we can deliver to you.
  • Orders placed on Friday will be available on Monday. 
  • Orders are charged to your top-up account — please make sure you have topped up before placing the order.
  • If your top-up funds are insufficient, your order will be cancelled, and you will need to resubmit your order the following day.

Food for residents in isolation
Those who are self-isolating or in quarantine can order meals.  We deliver at lunch time. Click here to book this service through the Gateway.

  • Order by 9am on the day you require the food (Monday - Saturday).
  • We will deliver it to your room (staff will knock and leave your food outside).
  • Given our limited staff numbers, please use this service only if you are self-isolating or in quarantine.
  • We aim to meet dietary requirements as much as possible, however options are limited.

Breakfast pack

Delivered at lunchtime for use next day.

Tea, coffee, sugar, UHT milk, 1 fruit, 1 small juice carton, 2 cereal bars (or similar)

£2.50 for students.  

£5.00 for all others.

Hot lunch

One main hot dish
Two hot side dishes
One piece of fruit

£3.50 for students.  

£7.00 for all others.

Ready meal

A microwaveable meal, 

or salad.

£2.00 for students.

£4.00 for all others.

Third Lockdown Update
We hope to be able to keep the library open under curernt rules: social distancing, limited access, fetch and deliver service.

The Library is now open. To ensure the safety of our members, please read our specific measures detailed here.


  • Casual carrels are available daily and can be booked by using the Wolf Hub. Residents can book a maximum of four hours each day. 
  • Those living offsite who have allocated carrels can continue to come into the library. 

On 10 January we took the hard decision to close the nursery. All the parents know, and have been making alternative arrangements.

Third Lockdown Update
The minibus will no longer be able to operate. 

Third Lockdown Update
The government rules are very clear that sports facilities outdoors and indoors must close, so with heavy heart all access to the gym, squash courts, tennis courts and croquet lawn will stop, as well as to the ergs both indoors and out. The music rooms will also have to be closed. 

Wolfson's IT Team has cancelled the IT Surgeries until further notice and will be dealing with most issues remotely.

Third Lockdown Update
We must ensure that those staff still working on the front line in College can remain safe and sound, as well as concentrate on keeping the College communal spaces hygienic and secure; so we will, as we did last lockdown, ask students now to take responsibility for the cleaning of household communal spaces. We can provide domestic cleaning materials to allow that if needed.

Housekeeping emails and requests are not currently being monitored so please contact the Lodge at if your request is urgent. 

Rubbish disposal
For those who are self-isolating with symptoms, we are able to provide a waste collection service by following the procedures below: 

  • Please notify the Home Bursar: 
  • Waste should be double bagged. 
  • Bags should be labelled "Rubbish-Symptoms" and placed outside your room from 9.00am the following day after you have sent a housekeeping request. Monday to Friday only.
  • As we are extremely short staff we can only provide this service for people who are genuinely showing symptoms so please only request this service if absolutely necessary.

Cleaning materials
As many of you have requested to clean your own rooms, and we are short of staff, we have taken the decision to ask you to clean your own rooms so we can focus on cleaning the communal areas. Cleaning materials, including hoovers (which we can confirm are safe to use) will be left out for use. Please can we ask that you wipe down all equipment before and after use.

The government rules are clear that we should all "minimise the amount of time spent outside your home." We encourage all students and Fellows who are in Oxford but do not live in College to stay at home. Emeritus, Supernumerary and Honorary Fellows, and Members of Common Room, are not able to come in to College other than to pick up post and, if you live locally, to continue walking in the Bishop's Garden. All other Fellows and Students living outside College should only come in if you have a compelling academic reason to do so; you must not visit other Households in College. We'll keep this under review, and may need to be even stricter. The bottom line is that the virus is much more contagious now than before, and life at College will and should feel even more constrained.