Wolfson IT Policy

Academic and Administrative use

Computing and Information Technology services are provided in the College and its external residences primarily for academic and administrative purposes.

Clubs and Societies and social use

Where resources permit, facilities may be used and provided for the benefit of College Clubs and Societies, and for reasonable social and cultural interests of members of College and Common Room (Members).

Spouses, partners and associates (Others)

Where spouses or partners or associates are assisting members of College or Common Room with academic work, a request for services to be extended to such persons may be made in the first place to the ICT Manager. Subject to resources and capacity, and the nature and reason for the request, such requests will be given due consideration, and may be referred to the Senior Tutor, whose decision in such matters will be final.

Relationship with Oxford University

In the granting of IT / Computing facilities to its Members and Others, the relationship between the College and the University can be said to be at its closest. While the infrastructure and certain hardware on college premises belongs to the College, it is connected to and dependent upon the University network for its functionality. Indeed, many elements of the facilities provided are provided, managed and controlled by the University, rather than the College.

Computer Usage Rules and Etiquette

Because of this relationship, the College subscribes to and adopts Oxford University's IT Rules, and it is implicit that, when applying for and accessing IT/Computing facilities at Wolfson College, every user undertakes to observe the Rules and Codes of Etiquette of the College, the University and those organisations to which the College and University subscribe.

Copyright Infringement

Users of the College IT facilities are warned that the downloading of copyright films and other media is strictly monitored. Anyone downloading such files is liable to have their computer blocked by Unversity of Oxford IT Services, who will charge the College for the costs involved (currently £50 + VAT per infringement). The College will pass this charge on against the relevant member's battels account, together with a further administrative charge (currently £10 + VAT). The member will also be subject to a separate disciplinary process, through which the Vicegerent may impose further fine or penalty.

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